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Your business goals

What ever your objectives are, all goals should be SMART and return value. In todays economic ecosystem this may look easy because we are 24×7 on-line, have tracking scripts and cookies everywhere, reliable cloud storage for cheap, hyperfast and scalable retrieval technologies at our fingertips, brilliant machine learning algorithms doing prediction work for us, dashboard configured in hours instead of weeks and so on…. But in reality, the integration of all parts involved requires a long term vision and a special set of skills, tools and resources.

Over 25 years experience

Educated in IT and electronics, moved on into software development and now for 11 years already helping clients in the field of online marketing and data analysis.

Specialities in online marketing: Web and App tracking, reporting and analysis, SEA, Marketing Automation, Dashboarding and Data Analysis in general.

Sustainable relationship

Reaching business goals requires a strong personal relationship in which meaningful, long term and sustainable connections can be made. With the ability to overcome difficulties through transparency, trust and open exchange of ideas achieve better results. Greater efficiency, effective performance and ability to leverage mutually beneficial opportunities. Sustainable relationships promote creativity, fun and a greater competitive advantage.

“Life is change.
Growth is optional.
Choose wisely…”

– Karen Kaiser Clark

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