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Services that will improve your online marketing campaigns and digital analytics.

Digital analytics services provides you with the key insights about the progress.

If you have any question about how to improve your online business, please contact us anytime.

Web Analytics

With a correctly configured web analytics package, you know how your website is doing.
Analytics reports give you a good sense about the volume and origin of your website visitors.

When all important site interactions are tracked by the carefully configured measurement script, then you have a good starting point to optimize the online marketing channels and the website conversion funnel.

Do you feel the need for a 2nd opinion or can you use extra capacity in the implementation or analysis process?

These are the web analytics packages that we can help you with.

App Analytics

App Analytics is still too often seen as a ‘nice-to-have’ in the app development process today.
That is a pity and a missed opportunity!

We do understand why during the launch of a new app, app analytics is under pressure due to other priorities.
While approaching the deadline app analytics sometimes is dropped.

The implementation of App Analytics is generally a lot more complex than Web Analytics.
But with the right preparation and guidance, the go-live with full-fledged app analytics is certainly feasible.

A well-organised process of defining KPIs and metrics up to and including developer support and testing is crucial here.

Feel free to send us a message if you wish to know more about how to reach that point.

Tag Management

Tag Management Systems (TMS) have been a good friend of the marketer, digital analyst and developer for quite some years now.

Measurement scripts, also called tags or measurement pixels, are preferably no longer “hard coded” in the website by the developer.

A TMS acts as a secure scalable vault in which 90% of all (marketing) measurement scripts are housed.
The remaining 10% of the measurement scripts are generally very special scripts where the vendor prescribes to follow a specific implementation. This last category includes, among other things, A / B testing tools or recommendation engines. These types require a deeper integration with the website.

Does your organization not yet use TMS?
Do you want to find out more about the keeping all your tags in a vault?
Or are you looking for a party that can maintain your current TMS?

We have experience with both Google’s TMS and hard-coded implementation processes.

Marketing Automation

A Marketing Automation System can unburden the marketing department by bringing very relevant content to the target group at the right time on pre-set triggers.
This mechanism can be based on previously shown interest on your own website or in response to response data from an email or newsletter.

However, this does not happen automatically at the push of a button.
The fuel with which the Marketing Automation System should be fed is a mixture of thorough insight into the needs of the target group, the right content (blogs, premium content, etc.) and ultimately an appropriate offer.

The success or failure of a Marketing Automation implementation process is highly dependent on the preparation and applying the correct fuel mix.

Start each content process with a persona definition. This persona definition can be a comprehensive or less extensive study, but put a persona definition on paper and share it internally with sales, customer service, support, consultants who go to customers, etc.
This gives you a good blueprint and guidance for writing new blogs, premium content, e-mails, advertising texts.

In addition, it helps you to select the right channels (online and possibly offline) for reaching your target group.

This approach prevents your potential customers from not recognizing themselves in the information and message you offer them.
Misunderstood leads do not become customers.

The choice for a specific manufacturer of a marketing automation package is made in the 3rd phase, “Package selection and implementation.”

Re-introduce yourself with the preparation, persona definitions, implementation or optimization of your content strategy using Marketing Automation.

Like to know how? Feel free to contact us with your questions.

  • Persona development: Any marketing automation system
  • Implementation, Automation, E-mail, Reporting, Analysis: SharpSpring
  • Reporting, Analysis: Hubspot, Eloqua, Act-On

Ad campaigns

To bring your (new) product or service to the right target group’s attention, simply a website with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy is not enough.

The marketing mix for a minimal baseline of new leads or customers is best deployed “broadly”.
It is the same as maintaining a good performing stock portfolio. Similar in online marketing, betting on 1 horse is in general not a wise thing to do.
Especially if you realize that the price per website visitor and therefore ultimately a new customer, can vary considerably per channel.

Advertising is not our core business, but as a digital analyst we certainly come across these differences in online profit every day.
Submit your case to us.


When all digital analytics and marketing scripts have been correctly placed in the website or app by means of tag management,
if the right offer is ready and the campaign can be launched,
then you want to be able to present the result in an accessible manner to your team members & management.

We specialists and generalists love dashboards that show quickly and clearly if the online business is performing as hoped for.
But how can the wide variety of data sources be linked together?
And which KPIs and metrics are important enough and deserve a place on my dashboard or that of my manager?

Do not step into one of the many pitfalls on the path to a dashboard that is supported by the organization.
Need help in one or more stages?
Would you like to organise a KPI’s and metrics workshop with the most important stakeholders?
Are you looking for a mock-up or the technical implementation of the dashboard?

Tell us your dashboard challenge.

These include a number of tools that we work with.

Web site cookie consent and form consent

Since 25 May 2018 we really cannot ignore the subject anymore.
The European Union has GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the Dutch Data Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens has the AVG (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming) declared active.

All organizations that target residents of the European Union must adhere to strict rules when dealing with the privacy related information of the individual.

One of the areas that are restricted is the use of cookies and other tracking techniques for marketing and profiling purposes.
But guidelines have also been imposed on how to deal with the personal data that users leave on your website, app or other medium.

A ‘can’t miss’ measure is the cookie banner, which you encounter on almost every website.
Cookie banners are available different shapes and sizes, each with its pros and cons.

Organizations like to adhere to the rules, but at the same time they do not want to be “more Catholic than the Pope (himself)” with the risk of falling behind the competition. But how do you legally obtain the highest possible opt-in ratio for marketing purposes?

We know from tests in the run-up to 25 May 2018 and after that day which banners are performing well and which solutions are missing opportunities.

We are happy to share our experiences with GDPR / AVG compliant banners and their KPIs.

  • Cookie consent banner: Open source, Cookiebot, OneTrust & custom cookie banner
  • Consent d.m.v. web site forms: Elke formuliermodule en elk CRM-, Sales- of Lead management system


Have you ever felt stuck in the issues of the day and therefore have little time left for strategic brainstorming and long-term vision discovery?
It is not without reason that the help of external specialists in various fields, for a short or longer duration, is called in by businesses.

A fresh external look can mean that one breakthrough.
Therefore, submit your challenge to us, even if it is by email or during a short call:

  • Implementation strategies
  • Measurement plan
  • KPI’s and metrics definitions
  • Creative campaigns
  • Etc.

Project / Campaign management

When a new or existing process requires active support.
From idea / concept / goal to realization:

  • Managing the overall process
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Resource allocation
  • Reporting to stakeholders
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